<h1>"A lovely sail"</h1>

"A lovely sail"

After a cool start to the day in Skagen , we have sailed/motored to our final destination of Laeso  off the northern part of Denmark. Was not much wind unfortunately, but we had some time sailing.

We have arrived to a party/festival time on Laeso.
We were met by our founder Mikkel and his family. Was lovely to meet him, and thank him for starting this life changing organization.
So now the question, beers or rest. Mmmm decisions.
I have another week in Denmark. Staying on board at the dock for 2 or 3 nights  before making my way home.
Oh, got my glasses fixed for free at an optician in Skagen. Who woulda thought. Umm  theyre not my work ones though 

wink wink
Much love to all

Ray from Australia

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