<h1>A guiet night an we cross the Kattegat</h1>

A guiet night an we cross the Kattegat

A quiet night

The sky is still grey and the wind is still blowing , after a quiet night without the squeaking noise that disturbed all of us the previous night (not due to a fender but due to a rope) it's time to take the sea. I sent a video message to my friends showing the nice weather condition we were going to face and received a prompt reply from somebody in the Mediterranean commenting the grey sky against the blue one he was under. It's a matter of point of view!

Grenaa Harbor

11:30 we set sail with the help of the crew of the boat beside us in order to go against the wind and manouvring out of the port. Wind is fresh and waves not too high, after some time the engine is switched of and then we were properly sailing. We reached Grenaa and the team performed a perfect maneuvering: everybody ready and reactive on each own duty.

Sejlads fra Ebeltoft til Grenaa 

It makes a big difference to sail with Oceans of Hope

It's not the first time I sail with OOH people and what makes me happy in sharing the experience is the way people with this "stupid desease" cope with each other, each with their own particular disability, and accept the others ones. When I sail with other "normal" people and let them know I've MS suddenly I'm treated differently, regardless to the fact that few minutes before I was considered normal with only some difficulty in walking: this is one of the most depressing experience. That doesn't happen with OOH and give me occasion to do extraordinary experiences.

We cross the Kattegat

I have never thought before like crossing the Kattegat with wind at 20/30 knots instead of laying on a warm sunny and sandy beach of Liguria or sailing on the lake of Como on smaller and much more manageable cabin boats.