Oceans of Hope Challenge Turkey 2016

OoH Nov 11, 2015, by Robert Munns in Events

In his own words, ‪MS‬ crew Robert Munns wants to give people a chance to have a piece of the cake he experienced whilst being onboard ‪Oceans of Hope‬. So here is an invitation to all people living with MS to join the ‪Oceans of Hope Challenge‬ in Turkey, May 2016.

The Oceans of Hope Challenge - Turkey 2016 will involve up to 36 people whose lives are touched by MS. The challenge is a week long adventure of flotilla sailing in the Bay of Fethiye, Turkey 30th April - 7th May 2016.

The Oceans of Hope Challenge aims to bring people together whose lives are touched by MS. Sailing together as a crew gives people the opportunity to challenge themselves while working together for a common goal. On a boat each person has a valuable part to play in spite of individual challenges. Everyone can contribute with something while enjoying life at sea and taking part in a community full of hope and meaning.

The Oceans of Hope Challenge will form a flotilla of five sailing boats and potentially one motor vessel specifically designed for people who cannot leave their wheelchair. Each boat will have a skipper and a crew of six with MS. Our aim is to pass what we experienced on the Oceans of Hope to other people as well as people that have already been on Oceans of Hope.

So if you know of anyone that you strongly feel will benefit from having a little of the Oceans of Hope cake then please express your interest to oceansofhopechallenge@hotmail.com. We are initially sending application packs to people who express interest by emailing. 


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