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OoH Sep 26, 2015, by Trille Anne-Grethe Dohn in Yacht

“You never know what will happen when a sailor goes ashore” is the opening line of a Danish sailor’s tune. Unfortunately, we haven’t had the opportunity to go ashore as much as I expected. We are sailing on the sixth day in a row and could need a shower and fresh supplies. Fortunately, there is now land in sight and we arrive soon in Salerno on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

I have always wanted to learn how to sail, and I have sailed regularly the past two years in Denmark. But I have never been onboard a yacht for this long, at such little space and together with people I didn’t know before. One can learn a lot from that, I think. We have experienced great things together. The nights on deck under the starlit sky and with the moon shining fascinates me a great deal. So does the sound of the dolphins jumping alongside the boat.

Ever since I was at an introductory meeting held by Mikkel in April 2013 I have been looking forward to this adventure. It is unreal, life-affirming and fantastic at the same time finally being onboard Oceans of Hope together with others members of Sailing Sclerosis.

The most fantastic about being part of this association is the community we share across age, education, nationality and sailing skills. I am excited about the new communities and initiatives the future may bring to this project.

Local time onboard: GMT+1
Current position: 40,68.244N, 14,76.809E
Distance completed since Istanbul: 1100M
Distance to Barcelona: 600M (almost there!)







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