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My favourite Oceans of Hope moment – Patty Lufkin

OoH Aug 25, 2015, by Patricia Lufkin in Yacht

There are so many spectacular moments that stand out in my memory from my experience with Oceans of Hope. I will never forget the first day sailing and the sight of the incredible rocky New England coastline or climbing up on deck in Huntington Bay and seeing the reflection on the water of hundreds of yachts moored in the harbor, or lastly sailing to Liberty Island and watching the Manhattan skyline growing on the horizon, it was a breathtaking sight!

What I’ve come to realize however, is that it was the simpler moments that are my fondest and a feeling that I will never forget at the end of each day when I wondered how the next day could be more incredible and life affirming.  I loved the sense of community, of family really, when we would retire to the galley for a meal that would rival the best restaurants in NYC, but prepared with the provisions of the ship on nautical gas burners.  Everything tasted better, had more flavor.  During our meals we would share our high points of the day with each other and could rarely think of a low point. Over a cup of hot tea or Black Box wine Jens would explain the navigational charts, currents and expected weather conditions and we would discuss the options for the next days adventure. Finally, I loved nestling into my upper bunk, my one last conversation of the day with my roommate Eva and then falling asleep to the gentle rocking motion of the boat and the soothing sound of the wind and the waves against the hull filled with gratitude for the gift of another amazing day on Oceans of Hope.

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