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Raising awareness about MS – Blog by Trevor

OoH Jul 23, 2015, by Trevor Wunsch in Yacht

It has been good to get a break and get away from everything. First thing I do in the morning is feel my legs. I go through my body and make sure everything is still operating as it should and it's all doing what it's supposed to be doing.

It is great working in a team with everyone. Seeing all the capabilities and how everyone is tackling their MS, which is at different stages. We have got each other’s back – you know who to look out for when you need to. I have been able to talk to other people with more severe cases of MS than myself. Makes me feel lucky and has made me more aware of what my future may hold – or may not hold. It may stay where it is. It has made me more aware of MS seeing other people live with it.

When I was telling people about the trip I was setting out to do, I would say it was about raising awareness about MS. It even gave me an opportunity to explain to friends and family what MS is and what my journey is about. Basically, they weren’t too sure what MS was exactly, so the voyage was a good occasion for me to explain how I experience life with MS.

I wasn't expecting much, except I guess a trip. Well, I was also expecting the yacht to be in one place and it turned out to be in the other end of the marina. Took me 30 minutes to find it! So far, it’s been a trip with other people with MS, a good trip with laughs, telling stories and a good adventure.

Also I'll take the whole journey with me for my career in marine operations. So it has been a great refresher for me on the sea, with a great crew and some great people. When I go home I'll bring with me some new friends and some empowering contacts. And I met a mermaid! “Argh, me hearties.”

So I live my life each day to the fullest. And I can't wait for the next one. This trip has changed my perceptions of MS. Of it all.

Report from Bosun Bertram:
West-northwest in between the Indonesian islands. We passed Bali yesterday and are now navigating towards Singapore on a heading of 297. Traffic has started to increase with numerous vessels chatting on the VHF. We are keeping a sharp lookout for the local fishing vessels that have a reputation of not having any other navigation lights than a small torch. Since we went passed the first islands on a northerly heading the winds died and we had to support the sails with 1200 RPM on the engine - but this morning we were back to 18-22 knots of wind, allowing us to set our symmetric spinnaker once more and return to our usual pace between 7 and 9 knots. We have just under 700 nautical miles left to Singapore, expecting to arrive sometime around the 27th. Another 5 days at sea!

Local time onboard is 17:30 and our current position is 5,33.99S , 112,40.20E

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