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The ocean as a metaphor for the unpredictability of life - Blog by Maria

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I have never sailed before, and today I woke up after my first night ever moving on the sea. Even though I woke up clinging to the mattress a couple of times during the night, I have enjoyed sleeping in the constant movement of the ship. In the middle of the night, I also had my first nightshift. When I got outside, the full moon lit up the water, and the stars surrounded us like a big diamond blanket. We were in the middle of nowhere, sailing our way from Mo’orea to Bora Bora, where we will throw out the anchor for a couple of days before doing the long distance between Bora Bora and US Samoa.

It brings up an overwhelming feeling to think about the distances around us, when I look up at the stars, in all directions of the boat with no land in sight, and stare into the water, knowing how far down the bottom is. Nothing scares me more than the ocean, and I feel very small and humble in the middle of it. But I actually feel very safe at the same time, as the permanent crew on board is so experienced, calm, and aware all the time. And even though I fear the sea a lot, it feels good to experience an inspiring and joyful journey through uncontrollable and fearful circumstances. In a way, the ocean represents the unpredictable life, and our way through life must likewise be influenced by respect, knowledge and a lot of joy and life quality.

As I have never sailed before, I am learning something new all the time, which is exhausting and amazing. It has been necessary to ask a lot of questions from the very beginning, and Mikkel’s 11-year-old daughter, Miel, has taught me a lot of the simple things, such as where to brush my teeth, how to walk the stairs, how to keep my stuff sailing-safe in the room, and she has been giving me advice for seasickness. I am surrounded by amazing people whose company I appreciate and enjoy a lot, and Miel’s innocence and spontaneity help take focus away from the heavy circumstances, that have brought us all together on Oceans Of Hope. The dolphins playing along the sailing boat, the spotted eagle rays and sting rays around the anchored boat, the fresh breeze and warming sun, the palm trees along the beaches and the turquoise water also support me in focusing less on the MS and more on living life. It feels good to notice, that something unwanted has brought new opportunities into my life...

Report from Bosun Bertram
From Mo’orea to Bora Bora in about 18 hours. We dropped the hook this afternoon around 1pm in a new pretty, turquoise bay, where we plan to spend a couple of days. Tomorrow is a day off to explore the island, before we prepare for the long leg of more than 1100 nautical miles to Samoa.

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