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Beauty Tips from the Pacific - Blog by Sandy

OoH Feb 28, 2015, by Sandy Eschler in Yacht

Today, during my off schedule time I was giving thought as to what this blog should be about as I would like it to be an interesting letter to all of our followers. As the only female aboard let me share some beauty tips. You need never think about going to a spa again and spending lots of money for a derma peel as you can go on OOH  and experience an all over peel by day 2 or 3 for free. You can further save on costly cosmetics as you only need about 12 tubes of 50+sunscreen. Your cheeks will have a very red glow naturally. No need to invest in any lipstick as a 50 cent tube of chapstick will be your lips very best friend. The final tip for today is ground cinnamon for your feet and shoes. Use copious amounts as a foot rub and place the remainder in your shoes and your crewmates will really appreciate it.

Yesterday, Bertram printed off all of our blogs and we read them aloud, as we are unable to view them since we are not privileged to have access to all of the comforts of home. Lol, it is rather unique to see a group of nine people without one person utilizing some form of media as an escape from being in community with the rest of the group. This time of being available enables us to learn about others and share our own thoughts. These men share openly how dedicated each of these fine men are to their loved ones and their countries. They are very strong men of strong conviction, but are respectful and sensitive to the feelings of others. They don't always agree nor are impressed with everything going on about them, but they would never dishonor themselves by ridiculing or embarrassing another. I feel very lucky to be sailing with such good men.                         

Much love to friends, family and Muchie, who I miss very, very much. You are in my thoughts everyday and I look forward to seeing you next month. Stay safe and know that out there under the starry nights I am thinking of you and sending my love.


Report from Bosun Bertram:

The biggest sail area on the boat since departing from Copenhagen! More than 500 square meters of sail with our largest spinnaker and our main sail combined are now pulling the saffron-colored ship over the Pacific. Winds have settled down and turned slightly more east, making it preferable to fly the big balloon to fit the angle of the wind and still head west towards Nuku Hiva. Speed now is around 7 knots and the course is set at 240.

Local time on board is 14:45 and our current position is 6,47.4S , 109,57.17W.

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