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OoH Feb 21, 2015, by Frederik Blixenkrone-Møller in Yacht

I got a mail from the Oceans of Hope project, and I was asked if I wanted to be on the crossing over the Pacific. You can't say no to that, at least where I come from. A couple weeks later I got a mail from a guy named Morten (the doctor onboard for this leg of the voyage). He wanted to meet up before we were going to take off. That was a good idea. The week before leaving, Morten came by my place. It was nice suddenly having someone to go with, because I am not to fond of travelling alone...

We arrived in the Galapagos the 12th of February. What a nice island – it is not quite as I expected, but that is alright. On the 14th I moved on the boat, and here the rest of the crew were as well. We have become a great team, and everyone is really sweet and nice.

Today the 21st of February we have left the Galapagos, and the voyage has really started. I have come to sail, and that is what we are doing now... TO TAHITI....

PS. I am so happy! Can't wait to see my future wife again.

Report from Bosun Bertram:

Oceans of Hope has now embarked on the Pacific Crossing! Departure from Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz this morning at 11:00 local time and we are now under way.

Everything is squared away, provisions are counted and organized and very importantly all of our crew is ready for the voyage. No more illness for now!

The latest weather report indicates a high pressure ruining our perfectly good trade winds, so unfortunately we are starting out with some motoring on a west-southwesterly course. Winds are predicted to show up west of here in two days, so we will just take it easy and get moving with the engine running at low rounds.

Proper amount of alcohol has been sacrificed to King Neptune for him to bless our voyage across - 3,000 nautical miles here we go!

Local time onboard is 13:00 and our current position is 0,53.40S , 90,22.82W.

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Danish Translation:

Afsti' afsted

10/12-2014 fik jeg en mail fra OOH projektet, hvor jeg blev spurgt om jeg skulle vaere med til at krydse stillehavet, og det kan man da ikke sige nej til, der hvor jeg kommer fra. Et par uger senere fik jeg en mail fra en gut, der hedder Morten(laegen). Han ville gerne moedes, inden vi skulle af sted. Det var en god ide. Ugen foer vi skulle flyve, kom morten saa hjem forbi mig. Det var rart, at man lige pludselig havde en at foelges med, da jeg ikke er saa glad for at rejse alene...

Vi kom til Galapagos d. 12/02. Sikken en fin oe - det er ikke helt som jeg havde forventet, men det gaar nok. Den 14/02 flyttede jeg paa skibet, og der var resten af besaetningen ogsaa. Vi er blevet et super hold og alle er soede og flinke. Undtagen Rob... ;0]                                                          

I dag d. 21/02-2015 har vi forladt Galapagos, og rejsen er for alvor gaaet i gang. Jeg er kommet for at sejle, og det goer vi nu... MOD TAHITI....

PS. Jeg er super glad! Jeg glaeder mig til at se min kommende kone derhjemme igen.

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