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Breakfast at “La Cueva de Gus” - Blog by Bernd

OoH Feb 20, 2015, by Bernd Langer in Yacht

Last Tuesday the whole crew of  Oceans of Hope had an invitation for breakfast at the hotel next to where we are anchored. All of us enjoyed the comfortable breakfast at the Angermeyer Hotel where some iguanas are living. As we finished the breakfast the iguanas came back from their breakfast on the water.

Later back on the ship Kristian and Bertram tried to repair the folding prop. It was a used one and only one blade folded. The other two blades didn't move one milimeter. They gave up after a while and Egon, my roommate, and I tried to destroy the screw glue and made it hot with an open flame. Suddenly there was a small fire on board! Not to worry, we extinguished it quickly! A plastic brush was hidden under the propeller, and we didn't see it before we started our work. Now we were able to spray oil into the screw holes with help of Egon’s power and a rubber hammer. We made the propeller blades work! Later Kristian pumped more than 50ml fat into these holes and the propeller is ready to go. The next day the divers tried to remove the old propeller, not without problems, and mount the folding prop for more sailing speed in the future. Yesterday the new sailor Peter came aboard, and the time for our departure comes nearer.

Tomorrow we have to say goodbye to this paradise, and we sail to the next paradise.

Report from Bosun Bertram:

Bunker diesel, top off freshwater, change the gas tank, fix the toilet pump, get the fresh provisions, clean the bilge, change the engine filters and top off oil, run through the last 10% of the standing rig, set the watch schedule, get the last spare parts and of course fetch our laundry. It's

11:30 and so far we covered the pre-departure safety briefing, the daily cleaning, and right now Egon and Frederik are halfway down the bilge with some brushes. Everyone is busy, as we are almost ready to head out to sea.

So I gotta run!

Local time on board is 11:30 and our current position is 0,44.92S , 90,18.56W.

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