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We are Sailing! - blog by Cliff

OoH Feb 2, 2015, by Cliff Davies in Yacht

We are sailing! Yesterday evening around 21:00 we slipped anchor and headed off SSW toward the equator, with Jens displaying his expertise at the helm. By midnight most of the crew were rock-a-bye-babying in their bunks and Oceans of Hope was creaming along at eight knots with just the jenny pulling us forward and the water-maker whispering from below. We have had our trials and tribulations in the last two days, but this has helped the crew to bond and now we are all ready for the biggest adventure of our lives.

Following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, I have appointed myself as official ship's naturalist. Back at the Islas Otoque there were many Brown Pelicans feeding in the bay, along with a few Brown Boobies (sic) and Magnificent Frigatebirds. Out here on the Pacific Ocean there hasn't been too much to record so far – just a flock of Sooty Terns heading North, one or two Audubon's Shearwaters and a small pod of Dolphins checking us out. But it is early days, so watch this space!

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Report from Bosun Bertram:

So after 2.5 days at Isla Otoque our crew had regained their strength and last night we departed Panama for good. Nice winds have had us average 7.7 knots since leaving, and that's only by our trusty genoa. With this speed we will be in Galapagos in less than five days! Only thing to worry about is if we haven't roasted away completely with this searing sun, burning mercilessly the second you pop your head up the hatch.

Local time onboard is 12:25 and our current position is 6,48.20N , 80,13.44W.

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