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Foreign MS crew still wanted – Danish MS crew now recruited until Boston

OoH May 15, 2014, by Mikkel Anthonisen

We have now recruited the Danish MS crew until Boston but still need foreign MS crew for this part of the trip. Boston and onwards is still open for all applicants.

We have now recruited the Danish part of the MS crew for the first leg of the circumnavigation until Boston. There will at all times be four people with MS coming from Denmark on board the project boat Oceans of Hope.

We still need foreign MS crew members to be recruited from the countries we visit on our trip. This is to engage the local communities and the excitement and commitment around the world.

The Danish crew for the first leg has mainly been recruited from the innercircle of people being very active in Sailing Sclerosis. This was due to lack of time from receiving the final funding only 2 months ago and the date of departure. This was a decision that I personally made very resently to ensure the launching of the project in time.

After the first 3 months until Boston there will be 15 months for the rest of the trip around the world. We will in selecting the MS crew for this period, both Danish and foreign, introduce the procedures for recruitment made out during winter based on two open workshops with only people with MS present. On the whole circumnavigation we aim to have three to four people from Denmark and three to four foreigners at all times.

So don't get too discouraged by not getting part of the first part of the trip. Send your application and your wishes for participation as outlined in the Application Form and you will be considered equally with the other applicants.

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This article was written by

Mikkel Anthonisen

Founder, Doctor and Crew