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OoH Nov 30, 2014, by Nicola Kaufman in Yacht
From the event: "Fort Lauderdale, USA"

I knew when I applied for this adventure that it would be a challenge and a chance to make new friends, work as a team and feel a sense of achievement. I also knew it would be hard sometimes.

But it has surpassed my expectations! Especially the way we understand each other. Sometimes we need support or some privacy or time out, but we somehow seem to understand what is needed.

Sailing on the Atlantic is very different from the calm waters of the Solent (UK) that I am used to. I have been scared at times of the big waves and heeling of the boat. I was also nervous about steering the boat, such a responsibility! But once again, others have understood, taught and supported me.

Something we talk about together is high and low points, so here are some of mine:

High points – steering the boat, seeing dolphins, making friends, and the beautiful stars at night. The friendly people of Charleston and Dataw Island Marina, planning and cooking meals together, and the Florida sunshine, which we finally have!

Low points – trying to sleep in big waves, getting up at 9am after being on watch 12 – 3am, the rain in Charleston! But actually we always try to be positive and if something goes wrong our catchphrase has become “of course in ideal circumstances our expectations would have been met.” This can apply to many things… cooking on only two gas burners, bad weather, but it always makes us laugh! By the way, thanks to Kristian we now have three gas burners! We are all very excited about this! Small things make us happy.

When I first started this adventure I thought. “How can I do this for two weeks?” and admit I was counting down the days to our arrival in Fort Lauderdale. But now I don't want it to end! I really hope we can all meet again in Barcelona to celebrate the end of the Oceans of Hope circumnavigation.

All in all the experience I am having is, as Jette often puts it: “Very good!”

Report by Bosun Bertram: 

Another 100 miles down the coast and we have reached Cape Canaveral this morning after a calm sail through the night. We are enjoying the beautiful sunny weather that we have been looking so forward to, and as we rest and regain energy, the crew has already planned for us to leave again this evening. Eager to go sailing and explore another location! We depart tonight around 6pm to sail through the night with optimal easterly winds around 15 knots, that should take us to Palm Beach in approximately 16 hours arriving sometime tomorrow morning. 

Local time on board is 14:30 and our current position is 28°40'867N 80°62'659W.

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