Busy Times in the Big Apple

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Busy Times in the Big Apple!

Friday began our MS patient sailing days onboard Oceans of Hope. Just as the temperature began to dive, it was time to welcome guests from the five boroughs of Manhattan. It was the first sailing experience for almost all of our intrepid MS sailors. Despite the chilly temperatures, they were eager and excited to get on the water. The sunshine helped, along with the layers of clothing and final layer of Oceans of Hope foul weather gear to combat the wind and chill.

Dodie Dohoney and Lori Boresa were a couple of our first sailors. They arrived full of energy, bundled up in many layers of clothing. Following their midday sail, Dodie explained the Oceans of Hope project as “a life-affirming mission and voyage.  Showing what people can do, not focusing on what they can't.”

Next up, Nafisa Abdul-Mubdi and her mother joined us this morning after the temperature dropped once again. Her enthusiasm to go sailing was contagious and she only gained more interest and energy after the two hours on the Hudson. A sophomore at Mercy College in New York, Nasifa is going to look into future offshore passages with Oceans of Hope.

B.J. Washington also joined the morning crew today, and came back with a beaming smile and new friends. He stated, “I feel refreshed after sailing. I’m honored to be part of this movement and it has broadened my horizons.”

Sailing in New York, especially out of North Cove Marina right in the heart of lower Manhattan, brought smiles to the fixed crew on Oceans of Hope and the dozens of visiting sailors who live with MS. As the Oceans of Hope crew prepares for departure, we are once again reminded of the impact that happens with every individual that takes the brave steps aboard deck. Even a brief visit on the boat provides great hope and inspiration.

Photo Above: Lori Boresa and Dodie Doohoney

Photo Below 1: Diana Abdullah and Nafisa Abdul-Mubdi

Photo Below 2: B.J. Washington



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