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So Many Open Doors for Me - blog by Eva Gerwing

OoH Nov 6, 2014, by Eva Gerwing in Yacht

Yesterday we had a very nice last dinner together in the Golden Nugget. We were talking about the low points and the high points of each day. There were luckily much more high points than low points. Jens gave us a certificate and summarized the two weeks. All of us felt a little bit sensitive and sad. We enjoyed our meal and talked a lot. Today is my first day out of the boat and the new crew has arrived. I miss it sooo much..... Where can I start???

All my new friends, sailing on the Oceans of Hope, the waves under my lovely bed, cooking together - or is it the feeling of freedom and satisfaction every day. All of it together, I think. In any case, it was the first time in my life to be glad about my disease. Without sclerosis I would not had the chance to take part in this big adventure. And now, there are so many open doors for me. I will tell as many people as possible about Oceans of Hope!

Report from Bosun Bertram:

Yesterday a new crew took over the cabins of Oceans of Hope and dined in the crew mess in the evening. Day 1 and we are already into provisioning, boat cleaning in the rain and cooking in the galley. Once again everything is new and everything has to be tried for the first time. Many of our new crew are experienced sailors, but nevertheless they all have yet to try offshore sailing in a 67' steel yacht! 

Today we plan to take the boat for a short spin out of Atlantic City for the crew to get familiar with all their gear, the way of the boat and of course to get familiar with all the safety procedures. After this we'll spend the night back in harbor and rest before we make our way north toward New York City for our official stopover from November 11th to 16th.

Local time onboard is 11:28 and our current position is 39°22'635N 74°25'610W

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