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It is Clear That We Have Become a Community - blog by Patty Lufkin

OoH Oct 27, 2014, by Patricia Lufkin in Yacht

It has been another magical day on the water.  Conditions were considerably calmer as we sailed across the Long Island sound, through Gardiners Bay and eventually to the quaint little town of Greenport where we settled for the night. Upon arrival on shore, we were joined by my dear friend Catherine, who was warmly greeted by everyone aboard Oceans of Hope, but quickly put to work! 

As I reflect on the time we have been together it is difficult to believe that is has only been seven days. As the week has progressed, the layers of the onion have been peeling away.  We can laugh now about our initial impressions of what life on the boat would be like and how all of us wondered how we would live in such close proximity to one another having only just met. The feelings of anxiety and fear have been replaced with new feelings of excitement and adventure.  It is clear that we have become a community.  

Being part of Oceans of Hope is beyond any opportunity I could have ever imagined. Having MS carries with it a host of physical symptoms, some more visible than others. Sometimes it’s the invisible symptoms that are the most difficult to cope with. Whether it is the invisible symptoms of fatigue or pain or sometimes worse yet, the feeling of hopelessness, loss of confidence in the future and fear. Supporting patients through the invisible impacts of MS is just as important as providing medication to control disease progression.  All of us need inspiration and ways to feel achievement.  Being part of the Oceans of Hope crew is an incredible privilege. I feel tremendous gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of such an inspiring journey that is focused on a message of hope.

A dear friend of mine sent me a quote.

"You should always be trying to do something that seems just a little bit harder than what you think you can do." 

Ocean of Hope is definitely that type of challenge.

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