Perfect sailing weather

OoH Sep 3, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

As Oceans of Hope continues to sail north west from Bermuda towards Boston, USA, Bertram Christensen reports, “Beautiful sailing weather and tropical heat! As Susan put it so delicately, ‘We are a floating frying pan out here!’

“We didn't get a chance to look at the thermometer, but when the 28 degree Celsius salt water feels freezing, you know it's too warm.”

The crew is back in the swing of life on board again and Mikkel Farver writes, “We are, again, where we all think we belong – in the middle of the Atlantic, on our way to Boston. It is good to be back in our daily routines again, and we have been blessed with very good weather and wind today – perfect blue water sailing.”

“We have spent the day enjoying the perfect winds, trying to withstand the searing sun with some occasional tanning, our home made bimini [sun shade stretching across the boat] and the water hose on the deck,” confirms Bertram Christensen.

“In the afternoon we changed the Yankee foresail to our larger genoa to make the best of the westerly winds, making an average of approximately 7.5 knots over the ground since we left Bermuda.

“Also the crew even had energy to pull out the waxing gear. We want to look our best when we get to Boston!”

It’s not clear from the report whether it’s the crew or the boat who’ll be getting waxed. We don’t like to ask.

As they sail across the Atlantic Ocean across lines of latitude and longitude, the crew must change the yacht’s clock to keep pace with the changing daylight hours and avoid having breakfast at 3am. Yesterday they changed from Bermudian time to east coast time – another milestone in this amazing voyage around the world.

Oceans of Hope is due to arrive at The Marina at Rowes Wharf in downtown Boston next Monday, 8 September, at 1.30pm.

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