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Crew member number ten

OoH Sep 2, 2014, by Susan Strachan in Yacht

And we're off! I was excited and nervous as I joined the Oceans of Hope crew as the tenth member and only American. Although we all have different cultures and languages, we all share the love of sailing and the disease of multiple sclerosis. I knew this was going to be a once in a lifetime experience and was ready for the journey to begin!

Our new friends Milton and Stanley from the local Hamilton MS community waived us goodbye, we then set off for St. George's on a beautiful hot day. Our last stop included lunch and to clear customs before the open seas heading due north to Boston.

As everyone settled into their respective roles I began to sense the ebb and flow of a team working jointly, yet freely amongst themselves. I watched and learned the procedures to try to fit in. Each had input to help me feel welcomed to make the journey safe and comfortable together.

During my first 24 hours I experienced multiple firsts. A traditional Danish dinner of  skipperlabskovs expertly cooked by Jacob, an amazing green sunset with blue hues, the midnight moon setting, multiple shooting stars, neon sparkled waves and a glorious sunrise.

However, the conversations and bonding that I shared amongst the other MS'ers was the pinnacle of the firsts. We all have unique symptoms, but share in the feeling of commonalities living a life with a chronic disease. The positive message was profound and I look forward to many days exploring each personal MS story. Our journey together is expanding the dreams for us along with others to know there is HOPE while living with MS!

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