A strange feeling

OoH Aug 27, 2014, by Jakob Wolsing in Yacht

Today after 17 days of non-stop sailing out at sea across the Atlantic, we reached St. George's Harbour, Bermuda.  


It's a little harbour with few other boats.  A walk in the city is done in just half an hour - note that there is absolutely nothing to buy, except a beer, of course!


I have a strange feeling inside of me. We have sailed the longest leg of our global voyage, 2,500 nautical miles, in sometimes hard weather conditions but we have not reach the goal yet!  So the celebrations will have to wait until at least after the last six days of sailing from Bermuda to Boston, which now seems like a piece of cake.


Anyway we were all very tired yesterday, so I don’t think we would be up to a party on the boat today.


We went into the little harbour to get safe from the hurricane that had been forecasted for tonight.  In the end, it went more to the West of Bermuda.  We haven't got any hard wind or rain tonight.  


We might move the boat to the harbour in the capital of Bermuda, Hamilton, so we can get better conditions (bath, laundry, water, fuel, etc.) and to be closer to a real city.


All in all, it has been a great journey until now.  Not as hard as I thought it might be before leaving, but I think good weather conditions at the beginning of the trip helped get me used to the boat and the duties on board.  Of cause, the good mood between the crew is the most important thing that has made this journey so successful!

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