Racing the weather

OoH Aug 26, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

The race is on to get to Bermuda ahead of Hurricane Cristobal, which has been building as a tropical storm in the Caribbean. Overnight winds reached hurricane strength and the storm system is now about 660 miles south west of Bermuda.

Oceans of Hope has been making good progress towards the island and this morning had just 67 nautical miles left to run, averaging approximately 7 knots, so they are expected to arrive within the next 12 hours.

Reaching harbour will be a welcome relief for the crew who have been at sea for more than two weeks now.

“Entering the 17th day at sea with no land in sight, the crew is ready to go ashore,” confirms Bertram Christensen.

“We now know almost for sure that we will make it to Bermuda, even though you can never know until you are actually moored up. We are trying to reach Bermuda before the hurricane heading towards us from the Caribbean.

"’We won't sell the skin before we've shot the bear. You never know what changes the weather might come up with - or a breakdown of equipment!’ said Mikkel yesterday, when I suggested that we were home safe.

“Nonetheless the atmosphere on board is relaxed and happy with everyone looking forward to solid ground under their feet with all that it entails - real showers, maybe an ice cream, but most importantly, of course, we are looking forward to the major arrival party we are going to throw, like we did on Madeira – now with six times more sea time celebrate!

“But right now we stay focused on bringing the boat and her crew safely to port.”

For Jens Thomsen, that the crew have been able to spend so much time so closely together without friction is a revelation and likens their situation to the television programme Big Brother on the high seas.

“Our days working and living closely together have been without one single blow out or meltdown. I find that very extraordinary and very special to be part of for such a long period of time.”

Oceans of Hope is due to arrive in Boston on 8 September and will be moored at Rowes Wharf Marina. During the stopover there will be opportunities for people with MS to experience sailing in a series of ‘taster’ sails. Places are filling up quickly. Email us to register your interest and to reserve a place.

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