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Poetry on the high seas

OoH Aug 20, 2014, by Mikkel Farver in Yacht

“I woke up this morning and the sun was gone,"
Nice with some clouds in the sky.
We only had two minutes of rain.
Would have been nice with a fresh water shower
Though I could take a shower in salt water forever.

Looking forward to the arrival in Bermuda.
Today, we will pass the sign “Bermuda 1,000 nautical miles”
Though I could sail on circles on the ocean forever.

Today another ship passed by, quite close.
Great to know we are not alone.
Though I could stay alone on the ocean forever.

Thinking of Boston, where my journey, with Oceans of Hope, ends.
Great to get back to family and friends.
Though my journey continues forever.

It's more than a feeling _/)

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