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The water really is more blue

OoH Aug 6, 2014, by Mikkel Farver in Yacht

I was told, and I have read, that when you sail south in the North Atlantic, the water should be more blue...


Today I realised, that the water actually IS more blue here, at 37 degrees north. Now I understand the meaning of the phrase 'blue water sailing' much better.


We left Portugal early this morning, in perfect northerly winds, with the nose of Oceans Of Hope pointing at Maderia!  We are on our way to Boston.  I can't believe it.


We are all set into shifts so that Oceans of Hope will be in good hands at all times.  Four hours on duty and six hours rest, then four hours on duty, etc.  I am looking very much forward to my next shift from 22.00 – 02.00: sailing at night by the light of the moon and all the stars without any light-pollution. So far the ocean is treating us very fine. I have seen one dolphin, and the waves are not too big.


We cook quite advanced meals when you take into consideration that the food has to be made in a kitchen where everything slides from side to side! This morning we had scrambled eggs and bacon.


I am an experienced sailor, and I must say that our boat, Oceans of Hope, is a fantastic boat.  She sails very fast, and is very safe and steady.  We have sailed with genoa, jib and mainsail all day long with an average speed of approximately 8 knots.  It is amazing to stand behind the steering wheel, and control a 67 foot/45 tonne sailing yacht, and be in total control of the boat.


The atmosphere on board is very good.  We are enjoying the beautiful weather, the nice people – and the blue water.

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