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Teamwork towards Amsterdam

OoH Jun 26, 2014, by Anne Dalbjerg in Yacht

It was a lovely feeling to enjoy the sunshine on the deck sailing the North Sea with the coast of Holland to port and the sails of Oceans of Hope in a butterfly position. Peter was trying to teach the rest of us to pronounce the name of the port town Ijmuiden in correct Dutch – everyone is laughing when the tongue does the extra roll.

Gone is Tuesday’s meeting with seasickness – it wasn’t so much the movement of the ship, but the smell of food that took me down. There is complete understanding and support on board if you get seasick, if you are worn out or the fatigue knocks you out – everyone on board is a team, where help and understanding is present without anyone having to ask.

Today’s stretch is the last bit through the canals to Amsterdam in beautiful weather, just running the engine. Here we’ll have our last laughs with Peter before he disembarks. Maybe he will have time to introduce us to some of the secrets of Amsterdam!

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