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"I can do more, than I thought i could" ... from Monash University

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The study of the blogs from our global circumnavigation performed by the prestigious Monash University in Melbourne has finally been published in the scientific paper Disability and Rehabilitation: https://www.tandfonline.com/…/full/10…/09638288.2018.1510046

From the article: "Four major themes were identified: (1) the challenges of the journey; (2) teamwork and camaraderie that arose from sharing a diagnosis in common; (3) reframing mindsets as people acknowledged and adjusted to their diagnosis; and (4) empowerment and personal growth with hope rediscovered.

The blogs suggested psychosocial outcomes of the journey included lower levels of depression, better quality of life, more positive well-being, an increase in self-esteem, reduced anxiety, lower stress levels, and better life satisfaction, as well as increased social support and empowerment."

Well, this we already knew - but still it means a lot to get this kind of recognition in our future work in broadening out Oceans of Hope. Also when it comes to affect decision makers and the general public awareness of how to create the best frames for people to thrive and grow and have a good life.

The Monash study is inspiring also for our pilot study to be conducted this summer on board Oceans of Hope, looking at many different aspects of what we do. It is very exciting and will enhance our consciousness and awareness of what we already feel ourselves. It will help us to get into interesting dialogues with peers doing similar things as us - and maybe also to be able to explain it to family, friends and colleagues.

Many thanks to Andrew Giles and our former MS crew Andrew Potter, both from MS Australia, for mediating the contact to Monash University.

Warm regards, Mikkel


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