Sailors are Kaospilots – and Kaospilots are sailors. We are Oceans of Hope

News Feb 9, 2018, by Mikkel Anthonisen

By creating strong and caring communities we create trust and resilience – then people will stand up and apply the best they can for themselves and others

Last week I visited the Danish school the Kaospilots. The school educates students from all over the world in creative leadership ( focusing on project management, process management and business development.

The purpose of my visit was to facilitate a two days seminar and workshop on personal development and creativity by inviting the third year class (team 22), soon to graduate, on a journey. The journey of Oceans of Hope. Both my personal journey of creating Sailing Sclerosis and Oceans of Hope – and the actual journey around the world.

The main question for the seminar was the essential human challenge of finding the answer to: Who am I and how can I contribute to the world. The processes of personal development and creativity are closely linked together – and are both sources of many frustrations, agony and suffering. Still we cannot just leave them. We are simply programmed to move on in the name of love of life. We have to go on the journey – to come home. And also the processes carry the seeds to transformative life events and even transcending moments of bliss that changes everything. But sometimes our role in life is just to carry the seeds and maybe just pass them on. Sometimes we get to plant them. And sometimes we get to see the tree grow and maybe even harvest the fruits. We are not fully in control of this. All we can do is to place ourselves available, keep on trying and at the same time contributing to the circle of life - accepting that life is a lot of hard work!

Sailing is a wonderful analogy of life  - and very useful in the modern world of disruption and a future that is even more unpredictable than ever. To navigate a ship safely it is necessary to acquire a lot of knowledge and to practice for many years. You have to create a team spirit and a culture of honesty, trust and good social and communication skills. And when you have done that, then you will dare to travel into the unknown.

Oceans of Hope is such a community of knowledge, skills, honesty and trust – and to be focused on creating that kind of communities is essential when you want to facilitate human growth and empower people and groups to take on their own personal and creative journey living out the question: Who am I and we and how can I contribute to the world.

In the seminar the students also worked with their own processes of creativity on a deeper and higher level, both introspectively and by contributing to the work in groups. It was my wish that the seminar would help put their personal journeys in life in a both common human and historic perspective allowing them to walk more firmly, more calm and more confident in life. Realizing that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves and that we are only partly in control. All we can do is to place ourselves available, work hard - and remember to enjoy the journey.


Thank you team 22 Kaos Pilots and team leader William Hewett  - my new travelling companions.

It was a very inspiring experience to meet all the beautiful and spirited young people of Team 22 – and I am so impressed with the their work ethics and combined joyfulness and seriousness in the way they work.

I would like to share some of the statements from the evaluation round on the last day:

“This has been some of the best days in the whole education”

“The collective focus has been beautiful – it is as if there is less judgement, both inside of me and in the group, we have become “we” and not just a group of individuals. It feels very liberating!”

“Thank you for making me conscious of my unconsciousness”

“In the context of leadership this has shown me the new insights of the importance in the understanding of the individual members – and thus the group. I realize that I have a lot to learn as a leader.”

“I like the analogy of planting a tree – trees are all connected by their roots. Yesterday I felt disconnected. Today I feel connected”

“These days have opened space of vulnerability and caring deeply”

“I didn´t expect to get goose bumps all the time”

“The value of creating communities like this is invaluable”

“It has been like a transition. I feel encouraged. I haven´t found my vocation – but I really want to get on with the work I´m doing presently!”

“It has been so easy to be here – something that I don´t normally feel. I come in contact with a longing for the sea!”

I realized that Kaospilots are sailors – and that sailors are Kaospilots. We all want to apply ourselves and bring out the best in ourselves and in the communities we are part of. And because we do it together in strong and loving communities we dare take the journey into the unknown and disruptive future.


UD I VERDEN – IND I LIVET (out into the world – into life)

This article was written by

Mikkel Anthonisen

Founder, doctor and skipper