Ectrins 2018 I

A few words from ECTRIMS 2018

News Oct 12, 2018, by Mikkel Anthonisen

A few words and photos from the annual MS conference, ECTRIMS, this year in Berlin. At ECTRIMS 2018 I have had the pleasure of meeting with old friends from MSIF, MS Brain Health, EMSP and MS Shift - all of whom I hope we can make a big co-event with next year when sailing to Edinburgh with Oceans of Hope.

On our LinkedIn profile you can watch my video about focusing on a very important part of the burden of MS: Cognitive impairment and fatigue - the invisibility of MS.

Meeting with professor Gavin Giovannoni about our visit to UK next year. Gavin is, among many things, founder of MS Brain Health

Young and spirited Alex from MS Shift

Old friend Mr. Andrew Giles from MS Australia

MS Brain Health

Peer Baneke, head of MSIF


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