News Dec 30, 2017, by Mikkel Anthonisen

By Mikkel Anthonisen, founder

The year 2017 is ending at it is time to both reflect and to look forward to the year to come. First of all I would like to thank everybody for a fantastic year and to wish you all and your families a wonderful new year.


New Year greeting. I also invite you all to scroll down the 2017 memory lane here on the website and on our Facebook.

2017 has been an amazing year in our Oceans of Hope family. During the whole sailing season from May till September, our beautiful S/Y Oceans of Hope has been out sailing. This could only come true by the enthusiastic effort of all the volunteers in our organization and by our sponsors and donators believing in what we do. On behalf of Oceans of Hope I thank every each and one of you from the bottom of my heart. It is a pleasure and a gift to work with you! 


Trip to Anholt

Beginning with our trip to the isle of Anholt, where our fantastic boat reminded us of her strength and beauty in a gale in the sea of Kattegat.


Thanks to the young sailor from Oure for co-planning the event

 Oceans of Hope – Sejlads for alle (Sailing for everybody)

This was just after our successful Oceans of Hope Havnefest – Sejlads for alle, celebrating new partnerships with Oure sailing academy, war veterans, young people with cancer and the organization DSN/Headspace (reaching out to young people having psychological and existential challenges), Danmarks Idrætsforbund (Danish Sport Confederation) and Dansk Sejlunion (Danish Sailing Association). We are looking forward to further develop our collaboration, using sailing as the frame for creating strong communities of worthiness, meaningfulness, empowerment and hope.

Oceans of Hope Classic 2017

After a short pit stop at the shipyard early June hereafter, S/Y Oceans of Hope was ready for the Oceans of Hope Classic 2017: Cruising Denmark with the old MS crew from the circumnavigation coming from all over the world, re-establishing the Oceans of Hope spirit on board – and together with the fantastic people in the many ports, we visited, making the summer of 2017 something to remember. Jens Als Andersen, skippering the boat together with me during the season, also sends his greetings: “2017 was a year of activities where we yet again experienced the power of inviting each other to participate in and contribute to a meaningful community. I came home one hour ago from checking on Oceans of Hope . She is lying cozy in her moorings ready for action, which will commence early in the new year.”

Also MS crew and member of the board of the Sailing Sclerosis Foundation, Iben Skydt, looks back at the past season: “2017 has been yet another emotional and adventurous year in my life with Oceans of Hope. The highlight must be the four weeks in Danish waters in Denmark Classic. To meet old and new friends and once again feel the belonging and power we all share, is such a gift that really can’t be explained. In every single port Oceans of Hope visited, we were met with hospitality and helpfulness and a huge interest to see the boat and learn about our fantastic project. For sure our story has been told to a lot of people this summer, and our message of being able to achieve more than you thought you could, has hopefully served as an inspiration to some.” 

Many thanks to the Oceans of Hope Classic planning committee: Mikkel, Jette, Joan, Iben and Jens 

Oceans of Hope Challenge

Abroad, the team around the Oceans of Hope Challenge has in 2017 created challenges and hope for people living with MS both in Croatia and in Scotland. Head of the Oceans of Hope Challenge team, Robert Munns, is inviting us for even more sailing in the year to come and says: “I wish everyone the warmest wishes for the new year. I am really excited for our Challenge events in Croatia, Scotland and New Zealand in the year to come. Approx. 120 people whose lives are affected by MS will be sailing with us in 2018. My sincere thanks to everyone who has had faith in me and come along for the ride so far”. The Oceans of Hope Challenge won the prestigious Sailing Today Award as best Cruising Concept 2017. Well done – it is yet a testimony of the impact of Oceans of Hope on the people engaged in our community and on those who get to meet us wherever we go. 

For more information about the Oceans of Hope Challenge, please email]

Mikkel's Blog

Other than the above-mentioned headlines during 2017, there have been numerous activities – some also behind the scenes preparing for the future, e.g. the Oceans of Hope Arctic Expedition, the Oceans of Hope Sailing Centre. In the months to come I will communicate more about this in Mikkel´s Blog, to be launched by the beginning of 2018.

Winter sailing

But actually the season 2017 and 2018 smoothly emerges into one and other. This winter we have kept S/Y Oceans of Hope ready to go sailing. We need to go sailing in the winter and pracice how to work the boat in the freezing cold. This is our new big adventure to come, sailing the Arctic Seas in a few years from now. It calls for a special respect and experience.

Activities of 2018

Very soon we will launch an activity plan for 2018. I can already reveal that the success of the Classic is to be repeated. Also activities involving smaller boats and collaboration with other organizations will commence. All in all we will strive to get oour beloved boat, S/Y Oceans of Hope, out sailing as much as possible and with as many of you as possible.


Remember, #WeAreOceansoHope and we will keep on going




Yours sincerely,


This article was written by

Mikkel Anthonisen

Founder, doctor and skipper