MS Paris 2017

News Oct 29, 2017, by Mikkel Anthonisen

MS Paris is the world’s largest conference on MS. It is the equivalent to the MS Boston 2014, which Oceans of Hope opened after having crossed the Atlantic on the first ocean leg of the circumnavigation.

Mikkel Anthonisen reporting from MS Paris 2017

MSIF, old friends from the circumnavigation

MSIF, old friends from the circumnavigation

Professor Siddhartan Chandran from Anne Rowling Clinic in Edinburgh. I promised them we would visit them

Soul mates from EMSP

MS Brain Health is an interesting initiative trying to get the around the many issues important to people with MS

In this video from the conference Mikkel talks about some of the latest news in the research in MS and how Oceans of Hope can contribute to this field.

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