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Dec 10. 2016

Help us raise DKK 100.000 (Euro 13.000) to keep our boat - ready to create more Oceans of Hope

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Help us keep S/Y Oceans of Hope in Sailing Sclerosis Foundation - and thus carry the new Sailing Sclerosis project into the future: Oceans of Hope Arctic Expedition.

Our boat, S/Y Oceans of Hope, is our principal tool in our work and indispensable for our projects and identity – living out our dreams and putting action behind words. In this present phase between projects we are at risk of losing her. We need your support!

Tax details

Donations received through this campaign from Danish citizens will be subject to tax deduction in accordance to Danish Law of Assessment § 8A to the maximum amount of DKK 15.200 in 2016 and DKK 15.600 in 2017.

Thank you

I invite you to read more about Oceans of Hope, The First Circumnavigation and our next project Arctic Expedition. Also visit our Facebook Page and help spreading the message about our fundraising campaign.

Thank you and warm regards

Mikkel Anthonisen, MD

Founder of Sailing Sclerosis Foundation and Oceans of Hope

 Mikkel Anthonisen