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OoH Sep 7, 2015, by Tini Bauters

The switch came as sudden as the sunrise on the ocean. It happened during a nightshift. Sitting on the bench, feet on the trunk in the middle, nestled close to Cindy, still a bit chilly so freshly out of bed, face to face with Kristian who was sitting on our dining table. Mainsail on, No motoring. Nice and softly gliding through the ink black water, lit up by the moon. Couldn’t be more romantic were it not for the sudden re-emerging but so familiar feeling of seasickness.

The first three days of my unforgettable journey I’ve seen all angles of our iron lady out of horizontal perspective. Seasickness feels as if the sea relentlessly takes possession of your body and you fruitlessly try to resist. After three days I stood up and began to explore sailing. The fifth day we stranded on Thursday Island, to stock up for the next leg. On my husband’s question if he could order his sailboat, he didn’t get a ‘yes’ yet.

Back to the starry night.
I don't even remember what we were chatting about when the air filled my cheeks and the sudden feeling made me hop off the bench, stumble to starboard (lesson #1 never vomit against the wind) mumbling ‘not again’. I didn’t make it to the railing but I let it go on the gangway. When I looked up a few moments later, Kristian stood next to me with the hose in his hand, ready to clean up my mess. Relieved from the horrible feeling I gave him my biggest smile. Wonderingly he responded: you can’t be sick when you can still smile like this. That’s the exact moment I fell in love. With a huge lady in sunrise-orange and the act of sailing her.

@ Bo: Thx a thousand times for your wonderpills
@ Kristian: Thx a million times for your never ending loving care to sail us safely over the deep blue ocean
@ Mikkel: Thx a billion times for your irresistible enthusiasm, which makes this wonderful experience possible for so many people

PS: Third week of august I leave again: my first sailing-course. Goal: competent crew. Off we go! See you all in Barca!

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