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The first 24 hours at sea – Blog by Peter

OoH Jul 17, 2015, by Peter Daudeij in Yacht

Today we are 24 hours into our sail to Singapore and we have a long leg of 2000 nautical miles ahead of us! We have become quite familiar with each other and the boat after being a week on board in Cullen Bay Marina, Darwin. We have had the time to make ourselves at home, getting used to daily duties (food, cleaning etc.), having a rest and time ashore. We’ve watched beautiful sunsets, met a lot of very enthusiastic people in and around the marina and things have been quite relaxed.

For me it feels like my efforts over the last years are starting to pay off. It's very nice to finally be gathered with my fellow crewmembers and the permanent crew.

MS is a disease, which expresses itself differently in each individual, as Cathy said in her blog. Speaking for myself I would say that what we have in common is that things work out the best at our 'convenience' seeing as we have to work around our challenges. Being on board with an enthusiastic crew all dedicated to set sail is wonderful.

An environment as we're in now is great. There are duties and a watchkeeping schedule. However, in daily practice it shows clearly that everyone has taken responsibility for 'our' boat. As soon as one of us has to take a break or whatsoever his or her place is automatically taken over by another. It works in such a natural way – that's really wonderful. No duty or task stays unattended or unfulfilled. We are operating as a trustworthy and reliable team!

I've had my fair share of ups and downs the last years, both mentally and physically. It feels really great that I’m now able to take actively part in such a groundbreaking project as this circumnavigation.

Monday we went out for a few hours having a spin during high tide which gave me the opportunity to test our fishing gear. The idea of arriving in Singapore without having caught a very big fish during our trip was not very attractive. Fortunately, we had a good catch just this afternoon while I was prepping dinner with Trevor. I'm sure he will surprise us tomorrow with a delicious lunch.

Report from Bosun Bertram:
The last leg of Australasia has now begun! 2000 nautical miles on a west southwesterly course heading from Darwin to Singapore in between the islands of Indonesia. We left Darwin yesterday afternoon after topping off the last fresh water, bunkering diesel and stowing away the last pieces of food to last us the 12-14 days at sea. Winds were next to nothing the first few hours, but with the setting sun we were putting up more and more sails to take over for the engine, and by midnight both the main and yankie jib were pulling us due west at 9 knots! Today we have averaged 8 knots throughout the day with winds hopping between 16 and 24 knots out of south east.

Local time onboard is 20:00 and our current position is 12,18.83S , 127,37.64E

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