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Goodbye Auckland!

OoH May 14, 2015, by Oceans of Hope News team in Events

Oceans of Hope, the 67-foot yacht undertaking the first circumnavigation with a working crew of people living with multiple sclerosis (MS), has departed Auckland, New Zealand on the latest leg of a 33,000-nautical mile global voyage.

CEO of MS Auckland, Therese Russel as well as Managing Director of Biogen in Australia and New Zealand, Joerg Hermans were dockside at the Viaduct Harbour this morning, wishing the MS crew Godspeed on their ongoing journey around the world. Before tossing the docking lines to Oceans of Hope boat manager and part time Captain Jens Als Andersen gave Therese Russel a bouquet of flowers and thanked her and Joerg Hermans for their generous support, which has been provided since this international program arrived a few weeks ago.

While the crowd waited for customs to clear the boat for departure, the new MS crew worked together to get the boat ready for the notoriously rough leg from New Zealand to Australia. The new crew, consisting of Australian Andrew Potter, Australian Greg Pugh, American Mindy Bartscherer, American Kathy Goddard and Dane Henny Eriksen, was already wearing seasickness patches and despite being slightly intimated by the heavy seas ahead, the atmosphere was filled by an eagerness to begin the adventure.

The yacht will arrive in Sydney in time to celebrate World MS Day on May 27th.




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