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Tomorrow Will Come Soon - blog by Robert

OoH Feb 16, 2015, by Robert Munns in Yacht

Well, here I am on Oceans of Hope (OOH). Who would have thought it? My goodness, what a few months it has been since I first heard about OOH. It is funny to think that if I was not been working the day that Mikkel and the Seagrass girls came into Brighton Marina, I would not be here writing my 1st OOH blog and you reading it. (I guess that it was meant for me to be here?:)

Since I visited the boat in Portsmouth I have really changed my attitude to life again. It’s an opportunity for expanding outside of my comfort zone once more. Since my last year as skipper of MY Big Smile (hello Laurence and Marshee moo x, by the way) I've not really been the confident Robert that I used to be. It’s been a real boost to have this goal to look forward to and plan for. For those of you reading this blog that know me, planning for things is not my strongest attribute. But it has been on my mind, right at the front since meeting Mikkel.

Since having made my mind up last year, I have been more relaxed with life and happier to make decisions. One of these decisions was to go and get another MRI scan to see how my brain was doing. Since seeing the additional scars/lesions I realise life is far too short to waste time not crossing the road for fear of being knocked down. I now appreciate how paralysing this state of mind can be. It's very simple… I can walk, I can talk, I can jump and I can swim. Most importantly, I can still swing a golf club!!!

Since having this goal of being with OOH, I've realised how selfish I have been over the years, living a life for me and me alone. My family and friends have watched me succeed and fail at life, love and all the other stuff too. For these highs and lows, they have always been there for me. This was most apparent when I had my attack in 2008. I do not know where I would be if they weren't there for support, comfort, strength or just to make me laugh when I thought I could not.

Having this opportunity is amazing for me and is unbelievably timely. I have given up my job for this and have no idea where my path will lead afterwards. I have useful and valuable skills that will still be there when I return, but for the time being, that is not going to worry me.

Live the day today, tomorrow will come soon enough:  Catch the fish, cook the fish, eat the fish.

p.s. - a message for my mum and dad, I love you x

Report by Bosun Bertram:

Preparing for the Pacific! Our new crew has joined us here in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz in the Galapagos, and they are already proving to be a great team. Crossing the Pacific Ocean is one of our major milestones in the circumnavigation and we have a lot to prepare. More photos coming!

PS. This morning a stupid sea lion had spent the night in our dinghy and left us a stinking poop the size of a baby in there! Guess who had to "volunteer" for that one!

Local time onboard is 23:00 and our current position is 0,44.92S , 90,18.55W.

Photos to explore from Oceans of Hope in the Galapagos:

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