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The power of team work

OoH Jul 8, 2014, by in Yacht

This blog is a co-production between two multiple sclerosis (MS) crew members on board Oceans of Hope.  Being on a sailing adventure that is about creating awareness around this unknown disease we should also be open about how difficult it can sometimes be to do the easiest things.  For example, writing this blog. The words are all Lizzie's, but her fingers will not hold the pen that easily at the moment.  

Have you ever thought of how difficult writing can be if your mind doesn't go fast enough to keep up with the words and your fingers can not keep up? When you read back it seems that in the chaos of your head the right words never made it onto the page.  The sentences are full of gaps and when you try to find the right words, they seem to be lost in your head...

Concentration and the ability to do things at the same time: sometimes it just won’t work.  This is the hidden pain of our disease.

So, we created this blog together.  Team work is vital in so many different ways on this sailing experience. Our bodies and minds might be imperfect, but together we share 100% capability!
The words are Lizzy's and the writing was done by Tessa.

It was a beautiful quiet morning. The sea was so friendly and calm.  I was amazed at how the sky was reflected on the water.  The two elements combined gave such a beautiful light and I have never seen anything like it before.  After the disaster of yesterday - I was so seasick again! - I thought, "This will be MY day!"

After the breakfast I took a nap and woke up without the sounds of the motor. So we were actually sailing again. Just wind and sails, no mechanical help. I looked forward to my shift. But while getting up I could feel it instantly, I was feeling seasick. It feels like a flue. It is warm and cold at the same time. I feel like I’ve been drunk for three days now.

But my watch is on and I go to do my duty.  The sun is warms my face.  I love being at sea, the smell, the salt that you can actually taste on your lips. I slowly start to feel better. 

Then I'm asked to take the wheel, there is nothing I like better! Behind the wheel you feel you are in control, it is all in my hands. It feels like I 'own' the world. I can decide where we go. (Of course this is actually done by the skipper. I know that, but the feeling alone makes you feel bigger.)

To hold our course, I try to find a spot at the horizon. But there is no spot. Nothing, but blue sea as far as the eye can see. Then I just start gazing at the horizon. I'm amazed by the beautiful clouds and their constantly changing shapes. They are so colourful, as they change from blue to grey to white and dark. And they move slowly like a dance.

 It makes me feel so peaceful and calm.  Just what I need!

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