"We saw our first dolphins!!!"

OoH Jul 9, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

Still struggling with seasickness, caused by strong winds and rough seas, Jens Als Andersen reported yesterday that the intrepid Oceans of Hope team had decided to combine a trip to collect supplies of engine lubrication oil with a stop off for the night at the “wonderful Saint Peter Port” in Guernsey.

With little more than a day to go before the Oceans of Hope arrives at its fourth port visit of La Rochelle, France Jens says the yacht is now making good progress and that, “everybody is well rested and in high spirits”.

He added that the crew are starting to get “more and more into sailing the boat” and that they have been “taking turns at the helm and actively helping to trim the sails”.  

Earlier this morning “an open air class room was set up for the first ‘Oceans of Hope sailing school’”.  This was so that the MS crew could learn more about sail trimming and aerodynamics on deck, while lessons in how to helm the 20m long yacht were held in the cockpit.

Despite the evident enthusiasm for sailing, Jens confesses that today’s most exciting event was seeing “our first dolphins, yeah!!!”

The international MS crew – with sailors from Denmark, Britain and Holland - are looking forward to the exciting programme of activity that is planned for their six-day stopover in France.  

Oceans of Hope is due to arrive in La Rochelle, France, on Thursday afternoon.

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