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OoH Jan 6, 2015, by Giovanni Profeta in Yacht

My day started really early in the morning, I was too anxious to get sleep. Months of preparations went by so quickly, I really wanted to be part of this awesome and inspiring adventure, and today is the day that it will come true at last. I went to the supermarket with Mariann to get what we missed from the day before. We tried to do the shopping as quickly as we could and it was almost 10:00am, and I didn't want to miss a single piece of the farewell ceremony. I was so nervous that in the cab, I talked the whole ride non-stop.

Back at the dock everything was set. My home for the next couple of weeks was looking so shiny and colourful. I met so many people in a short period of time, and as usual I was trying to do everything at once. I wanted to take pictures, to meet the guests. There was too much to see in the same place and my heart was beating so fast, I could not believe it. I felt like… it's my time now.

Among all that, I saw my aunt and uncle that came to wish me a safe and pleasant journey. It was a very emotional moment. They know how important this is for me, for the crew, and for everyone that deals with this unpredictable illness directly, or indirectly. Seeing my aunt on the dock was something really important. My family was there, and I felt finally ready.

We began our journey with the vessel Impossible Dream right by our side. It was a reminder that we are doing what others think cannot be done. They are proof that when you put your mind and body into something, you will find the way to achieve great things.

The first hours of sailing went by really smoothly, but… there's always a but, right? I decided to go down into the galley with Emil to do a very nice dish to treat the crew.  We decided to do Spaghetti alla Bolognese. The idea was excellent, but the galley was not a nice place to hang out under the conditions. It was really hot and mean, and for someone like me, it was a no-go zone. To make things worse, I got sea sick for the first time in my life! Hats off to Emil who kepy cooking under the conditions. Now I know for me, sea sickness and heat is a terrible combination.

I talked to the captain to let him know that I was not feeling well. He let me go to my cabin and that was it for the day. A first time for many things! Let's see what tomorrow brings, one day at the time right?

Report from Bosun Bertram:

24 hours of sailing and we are well under way to Jamaica. As we left Fort Lauderdale we had to decide if we were going south against the golf current to head east around Cuba, or start out by heading east to the Bahamas and then make the turn right going south. As many times before the weather made our decision as we had nice north easterly winds to take us smoothly east.

And since we liked the Bahamas so much when we were here in December, we thought we might as well take a closer look at the Exumas - those picture perfect islands you see on the post cards! We are arriving some time this early evening to an anchorage, where we plan to spend the night.

With all sails set we are doing an average of about 7.5 knots going south. We made the turn early this morning and are now on a heading 180 degrees.

Local time on board is 11:00 and our current position is 25.06'182N 77.35'237W.

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