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OoH Jan 3, 2015, by Iben Skydt in Yacht

I miss everything about life on the Oceans of Hope - the connection to all of the crew, the love of the sea, the feeling of independence, and the feeling of strength. Before the sailing I knew I was a strong person – mentally and physically, but still felt weaker than before I was diagnosed with MS. Now I feel I’m back to my “normal” me, having the faith and trust in myself. When my husband asks me to take care, or asks me if I’m sure I can handle this or that – I feel sure to answer YES.

But, coming back has also meant an existential crisis. All my dreams of sailing/traveling/seeking adventure are now fully alive. To my family (and everybody else), it is difficult to understand – how do you explain Oceans of Hope to anybody without MS?

Fortunately I had a long talk with Mikkel when he came back to Denmark. And he gave me some good advice on how to handle all my thoughts. Telling me that he had heard the same words from others coming back. I was not at all prepared for the feelings I have had after leaving the boat, and I am glad I still talk to some of my fellow crew members.

In my life before MS, I used to participate in different kinds of voluntary work and for sure I will get back to that. I have been elected to be a part of the board of The Sailing Sclerosis Foundation and I’m really looking forward to put an effort into the organization. For years I have been longing to start sailing again, and for sure I will find a boat to join :)

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