A Holiday Home for Oceans of Hope

OoH Dec 21, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

Oceans of Hope is tucked into her holiday home in Fort Lauderdale at the Bahia Mar Marina, following the return of the recent Bahamian sailing adventures enjoyed by our latest MS crew: Brit, Gitte, Ann, Anja, Morten, and Dirk. The fixed Oceans of Hope crew has disbursed, with Mikkel and Bertram headed back to Denmark, and Kristian cleaning up some loose ends on the boat with repairs and maintenance to the engine, water maker and autopilot. We are quite certain our bright, saffron colored sailing friend will welcome the break, just as all the sailors will return to family and friends for the same.

Following our welcome to 2015, Oceans of Hope will be bustling with activity again, and the anticipation of leaving North America for good. On January 3rd, a new revolving crew of those living with MS will arrive onboard, and soon thereafter head south to Panama City. From there, and greeting more new sailors onboard, Oceans of Hope will visit the iconic islands in the Galapagos. We are all eager for the upcoming activities in 2015, and thankful for all the amazing success of 2014.

If you have not noticed our campaign to buy a new spinnaker for 2015, please visit http://www.sailing-sclerosis.org/donate/ and join us if you can in providing the boat and crew with a nice new present for the New Year!

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