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Pink Sand Beaches - Blog and Drawings by Morten

OoH Dec 17, 2014, by in Yacht

When Trine first called me and said I was going sailing with Oceans of Hope in the Bahamas I just got pretty happy. I went and told everybody, I think. But actually the last thing I would tell people is that the project was about people with sclerosis. When I get back now, I won't mind telling people that it was related to my sclerosis, that I was going to sail in the Bahamas.

I actually tried taking a course on sailing before leaving home, but the timing didn't fit. Now, I have come in contact with a lot of my friends who also sail, and will be able to talk about sailing. Also I have been out sailing with a friend of mine, Kristian, so I have been learning the basics. However, I could only do that sailing earlier in the year before the weather turned too bad back home.

I have been to this Monte Bello stay in Spain for three weeks, where you are also with other people of all ages, you don't know. So actually I knew what I was signing up for. Still I think it was pretty good that I came here a bit earlier. I came a week before and went to the Art Basel in Miami, and had a chance to get used to the states and being away from home.

I was probably a bit worried that everyone was going to have to talk about being sick and sit sharing different experiences. But really it was completely the opposite. I have recently changed my medicine and it had a lot to do with my disease back home, so it was just fantastic to come here and forget that I have a sickness.

Because really, it is not because of the sclerosis that we are here. It is because we like to sail and we like to live life. And also, it's always pretty cool to be in a place like the Bahamas where the weather is good and the water is warm.

This is just the best finish to the Bahamas with this pitch perfect white beach on Harbour Island, almost like a reward to our struggles around the different islands where it was hard to find what we were looking for with some strong winds and bit of seasickness. Ending the trip on this beach was just perfect.

PS. I made a couple of drawings illustrating our rough lives on board…

Report from Bosun Bertram:

Harbour Island is the place to be! White soft sandy beaches, palm trees and conchs everywhere! Conchs on every door step and by the street signs, by the restaurants and by the local super market. That relaxed vibe that makes you wonder how its even possible for people to get stressed about anything at all. We only just left the beautiful place to head back to Fort Lauderdale, though we would have stayed forever, if it wasn't for the friends and families waiting for us back home to celebrate the holidays.

We have approximately 170 nautical miles to Ft. Lauderdale and with an average of 6-7 knots we will be under way for just under 30 hours, arriving tomorrow evening.

Local time on board is 16:20 and our current position is 25.37'60N , 76.53'49W.

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