Beach Bound!

OoH Dec 16, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

It seems Mikkel, Bertram, Kristian and the Oceans of Hope crew have discovered one of the most beautiful beach locales in the Bahamas. After sailing south of the Abaco National Park situated on Great Abaco Island, they have anchored just off the northeast side of North Eleuthera Island. There they have discovered Tay Bay Beach. Steps from historical Preacher's Cave, this beach offers a long expanse of pink powdery sand. The area is remote, but there are plenty of palmetto trees to relax underneath for a quiet afternoon. Just offshore is Devil's Backbone, where the Eleutheran Adventurers shipwrecked and sought shelter in the cave.

Devils Backbone has been responsible for at least seven major historic wrecks, the most famous of which is the “William.” William Sayles, the ship’s captain is the man credited for the modern discovery and habitation of Eleuthera. To give you a bit of history on the area, in 1647 a group of settlers known as the Eleutheran Adventurers left Bermuda in pursuit of religious freedom.  The first island they reached was Eleuthera which they named after the Greek word “eleuthero” meaning free or freedom.  While trying to land ashore in rough seas the William wrecked on Devils Backbone losing most of its supplies and one of its passengers, while the rest the passengers managed to save the smaller ship that was being towed behind them.  Once they reached shore they found shelter and a place to hold their religious services in Preachers Cave. 

Oceans of Hope is also near Harbour Island, widely considered one of the oldest and most charming Bahamian settlements just off the coast of Eleuthera.

Stay in touch with the Oceans of Hope exact location using our satellite tracker. You can choose to only view the yacht’s current position, but you can also see their route through the Bahamas. http://www.sailing-sclerosis.org/oceans-of-hope/route-map/

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