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Cruising the Bahamas - Blog by Gitte

OoH Dec 13, 2014, by Gitte Henriksen in Yacht

Yesterday we left Bimini Islands and headed towards Moore's Island, Abaco's with expected arrival around noon today.  As we sailed through the night, we had shifts every 6 hours off and 3 hours on.

Our trip started nicely with Ann preparing  a marvelous brunch – even though she told us several times that she was really bad in a kitchen – this was the third time we tasted her delicious food. Just after brunch, I was on duty and  I took the helm steering Oceans Of Hope. In the beginning it was quite challenging.

Mikkel said that if you should be really good at something you at least have to do it for around 10,000 hours. Even so, I think I managed quite well after a couple of hours, at least until Kristian and Bertram caught a barracuda.  The barracuda was big and not very happy about the situation, so there was a big fuss and struggling just behind me which made it quite difficult to concentrate on steering – eventually we turned on the autopilot in order to concentrated on the catch. Morten also caught a little very colourful fish, looking like Nemo  - and of course Nemo had to be released to his Dad.  We thought that we were going to have the barracuda for dinner but we were not able to get connection to any experienced fishermen for us to be advised if it was a fish that was OK to eat.

Anyway – now its in  the freezer, ready to go.  The rest of the day we were on the deck just relaxing and having a good time.  During night shift we saw around 20 cruise ships and it was a really nice and quiet night.  Today its already very warm so I'm sure this will be another day in paradise.

Report from Bosun Bertram:

Anchorage in the Bight of Abaco just north of More's Island with turquoise waters and a light chilly wind. Apparently it's always windy in the Bahamas and presently we are getting it out of the north west which makes it colder than usual. Luckily we have the searing sun out of a blue sky to keep us warm while we fish, sun bathe and explore the surrounding exotic islands.

We arrived here just over an hour ago around 13:30 and we plan to stay at least for one night to leave sufficient time for a colourful drink here and there.

Local time on board is 15:00 and our current location is 26.19'755N 77.35'287W

Photos from our Bahamas Cruising:

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