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The Helping Hand we Receive and Give - Blog by Dirk

OoH Dec 12, 2014, by Dirk Verstraeten in Yacht

Here we are in the Bahamas near Cat Cay, anchored on the shallow Bahamas bank. Today we had breakfast on deck under the main boom. I tend to hit the main boom with my head whenever Ann is not around to shout 'Watch your head Dirk!' Everybody has a changing daily schedule (watches). So, this morning, I prepared breakfast and assisted with making sandwiches for a picnic. I tried to catch some fish, but other than seeing a small shark cruise by near the hull of Oceans of Hope, no luck. So, it will be chicken for dinner. Ann and Gitte are preparing the chicken curry which will be ready in an hour.

Today we went to the beach on Cat Cay for swimming and snorkelling. Kristian took a picture of a stingray and Gitte was chased by an Iguana. At sunset, we had the original Cat's Cay cocktail in the only bar on the island at the marina.

While waiting for dinner, we chatted about the happenings of the day and the plans for tomorrow. Where we are going next depends on the weather, I guess we will have an overnight sail. What I like most on this trip is the helping hand we receive and give. Together we meet and overcome all challenges, and in the end enjoy a wonderful sail or a day on a beach with all the tropical ingredients you can wish for.  We enjoy life to the fullest!

Bosun Bertram Report:

Stingrays, sharks, dolphins, iguanas, pelicans and countless colorful little fish are accompanying us these days. We got a nice taste of the islands from our beautiful anchorage, from which we only just pulled up the hook. We are making our way back out of the sheltered waters of the Biminis to do an overnight sail eastwards towards the Bight of Abaco, a large sheltered cove between a group of islands in the northern Bahamas. We will have weak easterly winds, hoping to do some of the trip by sail, but expecting to support our speed with the main engine.

In the Bight of Abaco we should have enough palm trees and sandy beaches to keep us occupied for a couple of days before we move on.

Local time on board is 11:30 and our current position is 25.38'096N 79.18'129W.


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