Hello North Cat Cay

OoH Dec 11, 2014, by Oceans of Hope News team in Yacht

Oceans of Hope has sailed southeast from Fort Lauderdale with the crew of Ann, Anja, Britt, Gitte, Morten and Dirk. They skirted the Bimini Islands and most recently reported their position off the coast of North Cat Cay. As always, the clear, blue waters of the Bahamas are proving alluring and therapeutic.

The sailing experience of the new crew varies from Dirk, who gets on the water just about every chance he gets, to Britt, who lives in the country on 12 hectars of land with sheep. Both were wildly enthusiastic about the opportunity to sail aboard Oceans of Hope upon joining the crew in Florida.

Sailing in the Bahamas is a joy this time of year, and it is no secret to sailors. There is a migration of boats from the northeast of the U.S. to Florida and the islands. Oceans of Hope is limited to navigating the islands based on the draft of her keel measuring about 9.5 feet. 

The founder of the Oceans of Hope project, Dr. Mikkel Anthonisen, is onboard as Captain, accompanied by Bertram and Kristian who remain our fixed crew leading not only the boat, but onboard interactive workshops to explore the experiences of those living with MS.

We’ll keep you posted of more news as it is received from the sunny Bahamas!

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