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A Bit of Life From New York to Charleston - Blog By Kaj

OoH Nov 19, 2014, by Kaj Bjerre Westphal in Yacht

We departed from New York at about 7:00pm local time heading toward Charleston, a stretch of approximately 650 nautical miles, after five days at the Manhattan Yacht Club. Now that I have been onboard Oceans of Hope for more than three weeks, I am very excited for this leg from New York to Charleston, because it is nonstop. I don't know how my body will react, and I love to challenge myself.

My first watch was from 00:00 to 03:00. It was a night by engine, since there was no wind. I was on watch with Cara – we sat and watched the stars, and suddenly, we saw a shooting star. We saw the moon rise out of the ocean - such a beautiful sight, and the boat was even accompanied by a school of dolphins who had to say hi. Altogether a watch you could be happy with and never forget.

When I went to bed at 03:30 I couldn't fall asleep. All these impressions were spinning around my head. I also had bad cramps in my legs, something I had not felt before. I got something to relax my muscles, and finally I fell asleep. The next morning my watch was from 09:00 to 12:00, a quiet morning where the sun popped out every once in a while. Now the wind was straight out of the south, and since that's the way we intended to go, we had to run the engine again.

The thought that there are now only four days left in this  voyage makes me both happy and sad; happy because I get to go home to all my loved ones again, and sad because I have to leave all these wonderful people, the impressions and the experiences that I have had here.

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