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New Perspectives: A Unique Report from a Couple Living with MS

OoH Nov 5, 2014, by in Yacht

Helle (49):

"Martin and I met in 2005. I was newly diagnosed; Martin had been living with MS since 1998. One of the things that seemed impossible after my diagnose was a new relationship"


Martin (52):

"Helle and I met at the MS hospital and rehabilitation center in Haslev 9 years ago. We started going to cafés together - later restaurants and movies. Not because we both have MS. The disease was not very significant at the time, it was just nice that the person you were with understood your symptoms without TOO much discussion was needed. As Helle slowly surrendered we travelled together and visited Rome, Paris, Tuscany within a short time.”


We have now been living together for a long time. We live in Copenhagen, where we both work reduced hours. We see Martin’s children Liv and Jonas as often as we can, on weekends, holidays, and for longer periods of moving in with us. We find that sharing the disease makes it lighter. When we applied for the Oceans of Hope, we had never thought we would get the chance to do the voyage together - if we even got the chance at all! But we did!

Before leaving home we thought about if being a couple might exclude us from the bonds the others would form, or whether it maybe would be felt as a negative influence by the others in the community onboard. But thanks to the positive and kind people in the boat community, and also maybe because we didn't share a cabin and early on decided to leave coupleness ashore - it worked out really well. We have had a great time sailing and sharing all kinds of experiences with the rest of the crew. And on top of all that the trip has also showed to provide an opportunity for us as a couple to talk about some of the issues in our daily life at home.


"For instance my problems with fatigue and the impact it has on our life and our life with Martin’s children and how to deal with that."

This trip has provided us with a new perspective and we are sure that this shared experience will influence our lives. Going home to process it all will show how. We feel sure that new exciting adventures will be a part of our future. But that the trip has strengthened our spirits is one thing, we are sure of. 

 Report from Bosun Bertram:

Today is a day of both sad and joy. We have to say goodbye to our amazing crew, but we get to welcome a new set of adventurous spirits on board! Oceans of Hope will continue her voyage around the world as another crew disembarks with their bags packed and their minds strengthened. Helle, Patty, Eva, Joan and Martin is leaving us today with a smile on their face, wishing for the next crew to have the same great experiences that they have had. 

On board we are excited to meet those, who are to bring the yacht from Atlantic City on to New York for our official events and sailing days there, and onwards to Charleston in South Carolina. 

Local time is 10:54 and our current location is 39°37'834N 74°42'776W

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