Unfolding my Senses and Imagination - blog by Helle Kirstine Rosenmeier

OoH Oct 25, 2014, by Helle Kirstine Rosenmeier in Yacht

This morning at 7:30 a.m. local time we were woken up by a frustrated fisherman. It seemed that although the crew had taken every precaution, we were moored in this guy's spot. He made that loud and clear. So we speedily left Snug Harbor with its fishing vessels, wooden houses and a couple of overly large and somewhat ominous looking seagulls, and had our breakfast sailing. We sailed all of the chilly, crisp autumn day, with changing cloud patterns making shifting silvery sun patterns on the grey ocean, enjoying ourselves.

I look back on the mixed feelings I had on arriving on the Oceans of Hope just four days ago: expectations, thrill, stress and tiredness from the travel from Copenhagen  - and not just a little anxiety. But now I begin to unfold my senses and imagination. Enjoying the company and letting the routines of daily life at home recede and implode with a plop, adventure taking their place.  Yay to be able to have an adventure again- one just as great as when I was a young woman! Who would have thought that?


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