There is No Turning Back Now

OoH Oct 22, 2014, by Eva Gerwing in Yacht
From the event: "Newport, RI"

Hi, I am Eva and arrived yesterday with four people from Denmark. My lovely roommate Patty was already on board. I spoke to my fellow crewmate Helle, and we realised that there is no turning back now, because we are wondering - Can we really do this??? My mind says no, but my heart says YES!!!! My heart was the winner because everything has felt natural. So many things have happened and it is only the first day!

First we drank coffee together, and after that we went out and bought a lot of provisions. We set up our bunks, had lunch and went to a wonderful restaurant in Newport called “WILLY'S” for dinner.  We were hosted by the owner, our new nice friend John.  John continued to bring out more and more delicious food and drinks. One of the specialities was an espresso martini that Martin tasted. My roommate and I slept very well and we woke up at the same time. After breakfast we were fitted with foul weather gear and life jackets. So we are ready for adventure :-)))


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