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The Oceans of Hope crew is excited to be preparing for upcoming sails in the northeastern United States. The grandest of all will be arriving in New York City on November 11th, when the yacht and crew of MS patients will sail under the Verrazano Bridge and dock in the heart of Manhattan at North Cove Marina. With Wall Street, Battery Park and the September 11 Memorial & Museum steps away, it should prove to be a memorable moment, and one filled with accomplishment and pride for each individual onboard.

The international crew sailing the 67-foot Oceans of Hope yacht will include Americans Cara Lauer from Seattle, Washington and Christina Lamb Sidell from Burlington, Vermont, along with four additional crew members from Europe, all living with MS. Oceans of Hope provides a chance for MS patients to leave their disability behind and participate in an active lifestyle focused on teamwork, personal development and opportunity.

“I see the Oceans of Hope project as way to boldly embrace the adventure of life rather than fearing its uncertain future,” said Cara. She continues, “On a personal level, I have always sought out new experiences and relied on a deep reservoir of hope.”

In the five boroughs of New York alone, there are more than 12,000 people living with MS.

While Oceans of Hope is in New York City, there will be two days devoted to providing sailing experiences to MS patients. These “taster sails” will be two-hours in length and require no previous sailing experience.

New York City -  Sailing Days

  • Friday, November 14 – Morning sail and afternoon sail
  • Saturday, November 15 – Morning sail and afternoon sail

Please email to express your interest in joining the crew onboard Oceans of Hope and being introduced to the adventure of sailing.

There are also a limited number of offshore sailing opportunities for MS patients, including the chance to join the crew for longer voyages as Oceans of Hope sails south, through the Panama Canal, and enters the Pacific on the only circumnavigation of the globe by those living with MS. Please visit this link to find more information about offshore crew positions:

The Oceans of Hope project aims to broaden the horizons of those who perceive themselves as trapped by their condition, either physically or mentally, and inspire them to realize that they still have potential to achieve great things. Please visit for additional information and news.

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