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From the event: "Boston, USA"

Oceans of Hope and Sailing Sclerosis would like to say a huge “Thank you” to ACTRIMS and ECTRIMS for the very generous $10,000 donation which was presented to the crew at the MSBoston2014 conference on Thursday.

This will enable us to run ten sailing events for people with multiple sclerosis – just like the one in Boston yesterday – in the ports Oceans of Hope visits during the first ever global circumnavigation by a crew of people with MS.

The voyage is already changing perceptions of MS and changing lives, not just in the crew taking part in the voyage but in those who join us on the water to experience the freedom sailing can bring as well as those who visit the yacht in port and people following the adventure on dry land, with and without MS, reading the blogs the crew post here on the website and on Facebook and Twitter.

Mikkel Anthonisen, the founder of Sailing Sclerosis and Oceans of Hope said, “It was a great and very emotional moment for me, the crew and the project to be present at the Opening Ceremony at MSBoston 2014. We all work on the same page to help improve the lives of people living with MS. Circumnavigating our beautiful blue planet in a sailboat is showing we can change the perception of MS and help people recapture their identity and both inspire and encourage people to take up daily challenges and even live out their dreams.

“Thank you very much for your generous contribution for our project – we´ll continue around the world and look forward to seeing you next year in Barcelona!”

Many who have visited Oceans of Hope have expressed a desire to make a donation to support the project and the programme of events that run alongside it.

Each sailing event costs approximately $1,000 to run, so every contribution really does help to make a difference to the number of people we can inspire to follow their dreams.

Oceans of Hope was named at a ceremony in Copenhagen on World MS Day and it is fitting that as this year’s theme is ‘access’ we can help give people access to sailing and create networks between the MS and sailing communities around the world.

If you would like to make a donation to the Oceans of Hope project you can do so here

Thank you!

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Mikkel Anthonisen

Mikkel Anthonisen

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