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Love you and leave you

OoH Sep 8, 2014, by in Yacht

I will NEVER forget this outstanding and life changing voyage. It is now a part of me, and will stay in me for the rest of my life. Thanks to my “Atlantic crossing family”.
Everything is possible if you really want it enough. 
Mikkel Farver. _/)


37 days have passed by and 4,000nm have been sailed. It has been a long haul and it will leave memories that will last with me for a very long time.
However; the friendships that have grown between our team will last forever. Thank you team.
Jens Thomsen


I really feel inside of me, what a great journey I have made. It has been some wonderful days at sea. Even watch duty at night, looking into the black ocean, no one talking, makes sense. I am proud!
Thank you to all new friends on board for making me feel so welcome on board and making this Atlantic crossing my best travelling experience ever. :-)
Jacob Wolsing


Crossing the Atlantic on Oceans of Hope revealed this gift to me like a mirror: I am enough. Sailing made my feet being on the ground again and I got my life balance back. I am more willing to accept help thanks to the amazing crew. I could let go the over control, lose myself in the journey's horizons to find myself like a new sunrise. My heart is in pure gratitude to all and I will remember this experience forever. Life dreams can come true!
Luisa Matias


I said YES and just showed up! Another amazing opportunity MS has challenged me – sailing the big blue Atlantic ocean with European MSers. It's ironic how such a negative diagnosis can open so many new positive doors. My emotions have ranged from scared to death to empowerment...  I now have new lifelong friends who walk beside me and who will continue to show the strength. There is HOPE for tomorrow if we all continue to just show up :))))
Susan Strachan


Somebody once said that you cannot teach a person anything – you can only show them what is inside them. This voyage and my new friends proved this right. I have grown and I hope that I in time can give back all that I have received. Thank you.

"It is impossible, the doubt said.
It is dangerous, the fear said.
It is unnecessary, the common sense said.
Do it anyway, the heart whispered."

We all reached out, listened to our hearts and together we did it!
Tine Perlt

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